Question For Gracie's???

How long will it be before you all actually start training some of your fighters in conditioning?

Gracie JJ was created with the philosophy that all fights go to the ground on the street. Fair enough.

However, did Gracie JJ ever take in to account "athletes" entering and destroying even the most skilled Gracie JJ fighters?

I only ask because unlike the "challengers" of the old UFC's oh, like the "Harold Howards" the "Paul Varleans" the "Kimos" the "Retards" basically of the martial arts world circa 1992....

Gracie Jiu Jitsu hasn't done so well vs. well trained athletes 21st century.......

Even retired ones who came back like Frank Shamrock?

So is BJJ dead?

No, but it's getting there, cause you need to have basic jiu jitsu in your game nowadays... Basic meaning....A SPRAWL.

I mean 13 year old surf boarders know BJJ today.....

So the question is.....

How does BJJ match up against MODERN DAY MMA Warriors????????

And don't get me started on how Royce got dominated by a Matt Hughes who almost got his head taken off by Penn..................

And Penn still lost! No conditioning! When will BJJ adapt to the MODERN WORLD????????

Cause I'm waiting for that day!

I've heard of gloves and rounds.

Another ploy by the Gracie's to ;prolong the game in to the inevitable defeat.

If you played the Gracie game on the street, you'd think street brawls went on for 34 minutes straight.

No offense, but BJJ as a hole (unless you're a "sport" JJ) guy, is obsolete.

There is NO FIGHTER who's a BJJ guy only in MMA who has success and anyone who says there is....


Any fighter who doesn't know how to use Jiu-Jitsu or avoid it........

is just Hughes getting subbed by Dennis Hallman twice.

Good thing he learned JJ so that doesn't happen anymore. Jiu-Jitsu is very valid.

Arguement over homo.

"There is NO FIGHTER who's a BJJ guy only in MMA who has success and anyone who says there is...."

Can you quote when a Gracie personally told you to your face that GJJ is the ONLY training you need in MMA?

No you can't because they never say that. In fact, they say quite the opposite. This I heard from their mouths, not on some whiney board like here.

By your statement it shows your ignorance of GJJ at its most fundamental level. Fasten your seat belt, your band wagon is in high gear.

(Does anyone think for themselves anymore???)

This thread is CA-CA !

I got my blue belt under Royce and I train exclusively in BJJ and I couldnt
agree with this thread more.

Conditioning is arguably the most important tool in a fight and I would
say this is an area BJJ generally does not focus on.

Damn, I'm suprised Rickson hasn't replied yet. Hell even Helio is normally around most of the time.

Where is Beston-Gracie when you need him...

I'm sure the successfull BJJ based fighters from teams like BTT can tell you a thing or two about conditioning... It doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to see that (a) BJJ is necessary in MMA (at least in its No-Gi form) and that (b) you need gas to do any sport where high levels of physical exertion is involved.

LOL@ Epstein.

since when is a sprawl bjj?

Wow Pedrokick911 you must be the greatest fighter and best condition champion of all time. I'm sure you've trained with and beaten all the Gracies and laughed in their faces as they lay down exhausted and you continued to flap your gums. It's a shame you haven't yet been discovered and changed the way the world of competitive fighters fight. I know however that when you finish brushing the oreo cookie crumbs off your keyboard, you'll have the perfect answer to why you nor anyone in your family has never held any championship belt.

Where's Rickson by armbar now?

I train mainly in BJJ and techniques aside, my instructor is all about conditioning, cardio, strength etc... we spend as much time on these elements of our game as on techniques and sparring.

you gotta have gas in the tank... if a fighter lacks conditioning it's nothing to do with whether they're a BJJ fighter or any other style, it's how you train for the fight...

nice to see that the bjj hate is still strong here on the underground...LOL

Given that Royce has written a book on conditioning, really not sure how you managed to get your head so far up your own arse without help.