Question for the New Adam??

Hello Adam,
I got so inspired by your call to action and I wanted to check in on your progress and wish u well . I also wanted to ask you a few training questions that if anyone could understand it would be you from you expressed in your new adam thread so here it goes....

My question is... If you are 50 lbs. overweight, should you focus on fat loss first before u really concentratie on conditioning. Or should u use a modified{meaning what I can actually perform} S&C program like crossfit?
I m back to training BJJ and the new 50 lbs. is killing me(literally) I dont want to bodybuild but I want to train to get my 50 lbs off. I hate being fat I look and feel horrible.

I use to be a huge runner {6 days a week- 3 long slow distance and 3 faster interval runs} but the constant running and intensity on the faster interval runs burnt me out. I just dont think I have it in me to be a runer for the rest of my life I want to be a martial artist .

But I know LSD Long slow dis. burns the fat off me like crazy. So what do I do Run till I get the weight off and then train for martial arts specific performance or should I do modified S &c program{ie scrapper, crossfit pavels kettlebells etc...}TO get the weight off???

Im 5'8 245 Lbs. and my diet is now really tight! Any Help would be sooo Appreciated!I want this soo bad! Thanks soo much

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In other words: TiTTy!

Well Troy the new Adam is still "gesticulating" I have had some ups and downs and definitly feel that 12 weeks was not the correct restrictive time frame to place on myself. It took me almost 8 weeks to get my schedual (work, school, teaching, life) set up in a way to be able to add lifting and it took and is taking longer to "relearn" how to eat again.

I am a big beliver in concurrent or conjugate training. That is training multiple qualities at once. So that would fit in with a Crossfit paradigm. But I am not a fan of Crossfit persay. Lossing wieght will help your conditioning and vice/versa. There are different methodologies and cobinations of lifting/anerobic conditioning that you can try.

LSD running is not the answer and will have the least carryover for your future goals. And as you have seen 6 days of running a week is to much. I like my guys to mix running, lifting, GPP and SSP.

You should think of changing your body composition as opposed to losing wieght. I have seen to many people go from fat/fat to skinny/fat with no improvemnt in health. Lift wieghts/start inproving your GPP/ Keep the Diet tight / and give your self jsut as long (if not longer) to get back in shape as it took to get out of shape.

As for the type of S&C, everythign you ahve listed is a good method. It is a matter of what you can do and what you like/belive in. For instance I do not like the emphasis on O-lifts in Cross fit.