Question on cauliflower ear...

Once you realize that your ear is swollen and that it needs to be drained by a doctor, how quick must you have it done. That is, how long will it take before it becomes hardened and untreatable?

you have a few weeks at most.. I would wait a few days though, sometimes it will go down on its own.

I know that with me it took a little over two weeks for it to completely harden. Some of it hardened up after a little over a week and then all of the swollen part completely hardened about a week later.

How long until it stops hurtin like a mother?

I don't think I'm getting mine drained, I've only got a little. It's not going to be too noticable.

It's about 1 1/2 weeks old, and I was rolling last night and I heard something pop in my ear a time or two, and now it is sore as hell. Much worse than when I first did it.

its a badge!

you guys are lucky,im trying to get cauliflower ear from rolling and i rub the shit out of my ears every night in bed while my wife is looking in the phone book for a good mental hospital to check me into

stop pulling your head out of shit, and you should be okay.

Ive been to two doctors to have my ears drained.Both insisted on not using a needle, instead the used a scalpel and tried squeezed my ear.In my experience this does not get out all the blood so the skin doesn't reconect to the cartliage.Now I always use a syringe.It takes about 30 seconds.Barely hurts at all and allows me to take out all the liguid leaving my ear 100% back to normal every time.

I will not let my son grapple ever without headgear. Couture and other people with deformed ears, must have a hard time getting the ladies.
By the way, my son is only 7

I had mine drained last week, I am trying to use ear guards to keep it down until it's hard but I hate wearing them.

I've had my right ear swell up pretty bad this past year. The doctor I wnet to had no fucking clue. He tried to get me an appointment with a plastic surgeon but by the time he found one in my "network" the ear had hardened up. Damn HMO.

I cannot wear headgear so I will often tape up my ear. It is not as good as ear guards but it does help. An alcohol swab before taping helps keep the tape in place once you start sweating.

Having cauliflower ear is like turning into the Incredible Hulk except you need a syringe to change back to Bruce Banner.

Chicks dig it.