Question on Silva in PRIDE

This I noticed some time ago, and it keeps on happening now every time.
Ever since Pride 10, I believe, They havent shown Wanderlei's walkdown to the ring. He's always "already there" and they show 2 minutes of his oponents walkdown. Even in PRIDE " Shockwave" (the biggest MMA show in history, they didn't televise Silva walking out while announcing every fighter for the opening of the show. They announced his name, but they waited till next fighter was coming out to put that camera back on. Every fighter was shown walking out except Silva.

Whats the deal ???

because people only wanna see him slay someone they dont wanna see the bullshit walk down!

There really isn't a walkdown. The dude lives there in the ring, literally. There's a fold out cot under the mat where he resides for most of the year. So really all you would get to see is him brushing his teeth and stretching.

dude, this is the most retarded post, i mean come on who cares why, maybe he dosnt want anyone to see him enter, just see him slay, chop chop goes the axe murderer, and cheer cheer goes the crowd, watch the champ walk to the back, and thats that.

he's camera shy.

What is his entrance music? Pride may not be willing to buy the rights to broadcast it in the US.

Its Sandstorm by Darude.


camera guys r scared to film him b4 a fight

Wondered the same thing considering hes the champ I figured his entrance would be shown for sure as well as him entering the ring second.

when they only showed yoshida's entrance at the GP, it right away made me think that yosh won the fight

they only aired the rampage intro which also got me to thinkin that jackson won

you may be on to something here

MILOSH is very relieved he chose not to ask about the varying size of Vanderlai's package he has also noticed.

yeah, I think it's the entrance music. Sandstorm is a pretty big song... the rights are probably bank.

Go watch the pride where he fights henderson...That is the best walking into a ring ever....The fight was already won!!! He looked like a demon!!!! Please rewatch that walk-in!