Question on Silva's yellow card..

I'm more familiar with UFC rules than Pride and I didn't understand the yellow card they gave Silva. Was it for spitting blood or for stalling? And why issue a card for spitting blood? I mean sure, it's gross and might cause someone to slip in the puddle of blood-spit, but there's a yellow card rule on it?

He was offsides.

I believe it was for him spitting blood. I don't think it was an issue of someone slipping... they're just very strict on respect, honor, sportsmanship, etc. If it were me, I wouldn't have thought twice about spitting out the blood. That 10% deduction from the purse would have pissed me off bigtime though. That sure was a tuff fight for Wand.

Offside lol no (s).

He was stalling by keeping a closed guard and not working for anything substantial. Rabbit punches from in your closed gaurd does not equal trying to finsih a fight.

I dunno, it sure didn't seem like he was stalling for me. I just don't understand the no spitting blood rule. I've had some extensive dental surgery done and consequently swallowed a lot of blood and puked it up later. It's a particular feeling I hope never ever to have again. I certainly wouldn't want to have to go through that in a fight.

I don't know why you are talking about spitting blood. I told you what the yellow card was about. If someone hangs on in guard the fight will never finish within the time period.

BTW I had my tonsils removed in high school and woke up one night and the wound had opened up, so I had been swallowing blood for I don't know how long. I had to go to the hospital and they needed to cauterize the wound so they shot me with liquid adrenaline. I didn't feel a thing but the smell of burning human flesh make me projectile vomit black curdled blood all over everyone and everything. Good times, good times.

When the yellow card was issued the first commentator, whats-his-name, said it must have been for stalling. Then Trigg said no, it was for spitting blood. And it didn't look like he was stalling to me, it looked like he was getting dominated and couldn't do anything.

cletus...please, it's been explained to you. There's no need to debate the issue. Yellow cards are for stalling (fact). Weather it looked like stalling or not to you.

Explained to me? One guy said it was spitting blood, another guy says it was stalling. There was no consensus. And to be honest, I'm not too concerned with if he was stalling or not, I'm just real curious if spitting blood is actually illegal in pride like Trigg said. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

yellow card is for stalling. not spitting blood. consider it confirmed.

A yellow card is issued for the breaking of rules one of which happens to be stalling.

"cletus...please, it's been explained to you. There's no need to debate the issue. Yellow cards are for stalling (fact). Weather it looked like stalling or not to you."

Cocky much? Obviously there is debate as it is being... uh... debated. Trigg thought it was for something else. You don't work for DSE so excuse some of us for not taking your word as the thread-ending, conclusive word from heaven that you seem to think it is.

icing imo

I guess CroCop got this penalty kick.

"Silva wasn't stalling... he just wanted to live."

That made me laugh !

"Silva wasn't stalling... he just wanted to live."


the yellow card is for any kind of rule infraction so it could have been for either one.