question on wrestling???

guys im 26 years curious am i to old to start wrestling and become good at...basically at my age is it to late in life to become a good wrestler...even if im training with great wrestlers??? thanks fellas

realistically at 26 you should be able to pick up any skillset pretty well given quality instruction, and enough time and effort.

I'm 31 and to suppliment my game i just started training wrestling (seriously anyway) with my cousin who was an oklahoma state champ (h.s.) and is 12 yrs younger than me. Its never too late-that "past your prime" bullshit is completely relative to the individual...let your body and intuition determine when you're ready to pack it in or refrain from trying something, not some obsolete social convention...just get to it.

I will agree, I mean look at bas, he started @ 28...

You won't become an olympic wrestler, but it is not too late to get good at it. Look at it this way. Many high school wrestlers who win at states have only been wrestling for 4-6 years. (of course there are some who been doing it since childhood, but they usually burn out before high school).

So you could get the skill set and get good within 5 years or so.

Well in my opnion, coaching and drilling (over and over and over again), will be the key to picking it up.

One thing that you will be missing is the constant drilling you would do in the pee-wees, Jr High and H.S.