Question Re: AJ's Weight

When he first stepped on the scale and weighed 197, Rogan immediately went into this "can't weigh more than 205" business.

Did AJ report beforehand that he couldn't make weight? It seemed like Dana was already aware of the weight issue before he stepped on the scale.

 i bet burt watson knew.

Yes Dana knew before

I'm sure he did, you don't surprise the boss like that especially Dana.. Most likely it was already discussed and terms were already set before the way in. We will hear more after the fight. From what I read dana did not seem as mad as he does when Thiago or someone else misses weight. Phone Post

He is likely injured and did not want to pull out of the fight. Phone Post

You could tell something was going on, before he stepped on Joe was talking to Dana and the Brazilian translator woman.

They do a 24 hr weight check Phone Post

They also weigh in before they even go on stage no?

Was gonna put 550$ on saints and if they cover put the 1050$ on rumble for a smooth 1495$ profit. Now not sure. Phone Post