Question RE: Brisbane BJJ Academy

does anyone know of a BJJ academy called 'Combat Centers' (at least i think that's what it's called)?

happen to come accross it last night on margareth st., brisbane.

curious as to who is teaching there?

Wing chun group that trains BJJ.

Think the instructor is a blue under JBW, though that was a while ago so he might be higher now.

Not really a BJJ club as such, as they mix in Wing Chun theory and technique with BJJ.


i do recall a sign saying wing chun as well.

forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is wing chun?heard of it, but never really paid it much attention.


Its kung fu style. Popular cause Its what bruce lee started out in. Pretty traditional set up though, bowing to the grand master and all that kinda stuff.

Not sure if you can just train BJJ classes or if you have to sign up for the whole thing.

Best thing is to ask and see what they say.

Hi Greyskull

I trained there for 6 months and found it to be a good school, very positive training environment there. They train mainly Hung Suen Wing Chun kung fu, but they apply the techniques into the street quite effectively, they also have BJJ classes twice a week. In the past they have also mixed in kickboxing / conditioning classes into the timetable as well.

You do have to sign up for the umlimited classes, when I was there you could not just pay for one of the styles. Rachel is a blue belt in BJJ.

I found though there was not enough BJJ for my liking, somewhat tight timetable if you work full time, so ended up leaving for a more flexible school.

If you are close to the city I now train at West End with Matt Cooper (there you go Matt, there my first referral :P), I would recommend checking it out.


rich - thanks for the info. was more curious than anything.

grappla72 - sorry about the referral mate, but i've known matty for quite sometime now. occasionally turn up to take the piss out of matt, say hi and get my ass handed to me.


big brownie points for ross!! ;) hehe

...and an even bigger ass kicking than usual to vic next time he shows up! :p