Question re sponsors for new acad.

Hey guys,
I have recently opened a jiu-jitsu academy in Tampa, FL and was thinking of approaching some businesses in regards to sponsoring the academy. I was thinking of putting up some advertising in the academy. Do any of you guys have some suggestions, or personal experiences? What would be some business to target...I was thinking of health clubs, and nutritional stuff.
Let me know what you think. Thanks.

approach friends w/ businesses.


we had a guy buy our custom mat (all one piece) and is giving us the money for it. these things can range in price. ours is 3000+ dollars. All you have to do is create a plaque at a trophy store w/ their name or something like that, like:

"XYZ Pools has graciously sponsored us and donated the mat we train on."

hit friends/family that are interested in your sport. get them interested. find the ones w/ successful businesses. its' a write off.

Thanks Empire.
Do you guys think businesses would straight up pay you for putting up any advertising in the gym?


Hey Craig, you could always ask TPD or Sherrifs Dept. We have like 6 guys training with us from there. Couldn't hurt asking.

Im from Tampa and will be back there for good in a month. Im happy to see a school on my side of the bay. Im very interested in training with you.

The GNC on oakfield is family owned and mite be a good place to start.

The athletic club on lumsden and providence is owned by a former freestyle wrestler that made it to the olympic trials so he may apreciate your grappling.

Tan USA has sponsored numerous teams in the city hockey league.

If you approach these business owners from the point that your students will be directed to use thier services, and need them to compete, in the brandon area and be willing to cover fight shorts or gis with their logos you mite have a winner.

Thanks for the info marketstreet, come check us out when you get a chance. My phone # is 813-477-6301.

Hey Eric, Wes from the HCSO is supposed to stop by tonight, we can check with him.

marketstreet, thanks for the input. Hope you come train with us real soon. Our classes are starting to get bigger, and it would be great to have you aboard.