QUESTION: single leg

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Hi guys,

One of my highest percentage moves in BJJ is a single-leg takedown from my guard. Well, I'm calling a single leg but I really don't know the real name for it because I have no knowledge of wrestling.

What I do is, when my opponent is in front of me, I get to my knees and grab his right leg around the knee with both hands, gable grip. I also put my ear against his belly (head inside). I then step over his right leg with my left leg, pull his leg hard into my belly, and drive forward, sort of walking around to his back at the same time, sort of like turning the corner on a double.

Sometimes this puts them on their back by itself; sometimes I end up reaching across his front with my right hand and grabbing around the outside of his left knee and finishing him that way.

I have three questions about this move:

  1. I haven't used it against many people with wrestling experience. It tends to work well against people with a BJJ background. In your opinion, will this move work against a wrestler at all, or is it a silly move to use?

  2. Do you have any suggestions for changing or improving this move?

  3. how do I recounter when my opponent sprawls back hard and breaks my gable grip around his legs before I can force him to his back? (this is my big question). I usually just sit back to guard, but I'd rather have an option that allows my to continue my attack to force him to his back...

...thanks, matt

I'm just starting to play with this myself. My only suggestion is to hug the thigh (either arms apart or grabbing your own elbows) rather than using the gable grip.


why hug the thigh instead of a gable grip? also, what do you mean by "arms apart?"


1) Why hug the thigh instead of gable grip? Because it uses larger and stronger muscle groups. The hands/wrists are the weakest link in the chain, so I'm avoiding using them.

Also, more of my arm is in contact with the leg, so there is more friction between me and his leg.

2) What do I mean by "arms apart"? Sorry, I should have been more specific. Sometimes each of my arms hugs his leg (but my arms are not touching each other), and sometimes my arms are folded and my hands are grabbing my elbows (like "I Dream of Jeannie").

Standard disclaimer: These are just my preferences, based upon my experiences.

Let's keep this thread going. I'd like to hear more about this takedown (especially controlling the finish) from others who use it.

"3. how do I recounter when my opponent sprawls back hard and breaks my gable grip around his legs before I can force him to his back? "

Two words: Peak out. Sometimes I intentionally go for a single leg knowing that he will be able to sprawl and I'll switch to a peak out at the moment he does it.



you peek on the same side as you're going for the leg? then, after you
get your head out, do you reshoot?

OK fellas, I don't understand the reshoot concept from your knees it's really pointless to talk about reshooting once on your knees? Counter to hips-down aka sprawl would be to scamble out, get back to feet/change levels to set-up a new shot! I understand peeking-out or even sitting out-to duck-under. If you can find someone with an authorative wrestling background in the school that knows incorporate both styles adroitly I would ake for some advice so that you get a true visual.

I peak out on the same side as the leg I'm holding, yes.

Against a good guy, yes, it's likely that I'd reshoot after the peak out, although you could also use the term "turn the corner" instead of "reshoot", because all I'm doing after the peak out is to grab behind both knees and drive sidways into my opponent. Of course, you can take some guys' back with the peak out or even roll them over (if they don't release their grip on you).

Hope this helps!