Question to the JKD practitioners?

Hi this is my first real post here.
I know alot of JKD people have dropped Wing Chun from their teaching, like the SBG and PFS guys. My question is can you still call it JKD without the Wing Chun?
"Jeet Kune Do" = The art of the intercepting fist. Interception is one of the major concepts of JKD and one thats inherited from WC. I trained in both western boxing and thai boxing. And know that in these arts fighters take turns to hit each other, instead of meeting what comes.

I always get a kick out of the interception debate. In any combat sport, it is common sense that interception (attacking an offensive attack with your own offensive attack et al) is pretty much grasped right away by people who actually spar.

It can be amusing when people talk about the five ways of attack and talk about interception as "The highest Form of the Art" ahead the equally dified "Attack by Drawing."

(you can take a rank beginner and having him doing both against an opponent in a sparring environment in relatively little time)

When someone talks about interception as something magical and mystical, one should question that person's method of training and/or actual skill level.

Muay Thai's cut kick is an interception.

Why are you guys trolling KKM?!

I am living proof of the damage of interceptions!!! I practice 10,000 reps in the mirror EVERY DAY!!

I admire my good looks in the mirror.

Interception is about having a high awareness level. You cannot intercept if you don't understand what your opponent is beginning to do.

Interception is a good sign of an advanced practitioner in any functional art/sport. I saw Andre Agassi play last spring (live), and was amazed at how efficient his play was, because he had such an easy time anticipating what his partner was going to do. Even though his opponent was playing very well, Agassi overworked him by always being a few steps ahead. His awareness level allowed him to intercept and shut down any real offense from his opponent before it started.

Awareness rules.


thing is and i've seen this for a bit now, so i'll guess it's a recurring theme, jkd schools haven't cut out just wing chung, they've tossed out dead and useless patterns. so that means it's all patterns that don't work get cut out, not just wing chung.

i know that SBG did cut out kali/escrima as well as their knife fighting to adopt newer systems that are functionally better. they've dropped some boxing work to accept newer and what they think are better forms.

as for the jkd concepts and such, Bruce thought that jkd should evolve and change. he also regretted calling the art jeet kune do but he kept the name because he didn't have time to think of a new one.

jkd is supposed to follow the be like water ideals. so it will always change and lose some of it's substance but it will gain it back in another way.

"Interception is about having a high awareness level. You cannot intercept if you don't understand what your opponent is beginning to do. "

Hogwash. You don't need an opponent to develope a high level Interception. All your need is a clean mirror, a nice Gi and a TIGHT Siu Nim Tao.


I intercept people on the psychic level.

For instance a guy called me one time at 4:00 AM. I said, dude what is wrong with you, I'm trying to sleep.

He told me he had a dream that he tried to kick my ass. It woke him up like a nightmare and he knew he had better call me and apologize.

Damn straight.

Thats interception at its highest.

Paul is the psychic samurai...or is that the nightime ninja?


Paul better send Adam that e-mail with the dates or Adam is goign to intercept him in a most painfull way.


*repeatedly raises both hands up high in a lan sao position and slams them down in a double gum sao*

Um...I'll just have #9 on that menu please.


Dude you disrupted my TIGHT Siu Nim Tao. Now I have to start over. How am I to learn how to intercept w/ these interruptions?

*polishes mirror, adjusts sash, does multiple huen saos*