I noticed in the new XTC commercial that Robert Thompson beat James Orso, but it doesn't show how. Did he submit him? Or TKO him? Can somebody tell me how this fight went and how it ended please? Jimmy? Anybody?

 what round?

robert beat him with an RNC, I believe in round one, then in the rematch Orso brutalized him by KO

They already rematched? Dang. I wonder if Orso is still getting $2500 to show after his loss to Thompson?

after the beating he put on him in the rematch? probably.

Dang, what did they do fight two weeks in a row?

nope...but it was pretty soon after. The first fight was before the last Dixie Throwdown, as I remember talking with Stedham about it...that was back in March I believe???

So it has been a couple months since then. I want to say the rematch was in mid-late April.

Mills will have to verify.

 Thanks for the info

Orso fought him at XTC in Mobile in Feb and lost to Robert by RNC in the first. Orso was dominating the fightwhen he took down Robert and took mount and robert gave up back and Orso went for an armbar and gave up position and ended up on his back and he looked gassed. Robert worked pass gaurd and got James back and secured the choke. They rematched in Biloxi on Orsos request to fight him asap. The fight was April 5th on Blood and Sand IV with Orso winning by vicious TKO.

ttt for "vicious KO's"

Vicious KO is awesome.