Questions about camcorders?

Can someone recommend a good camcorder? What is your thoughts on the Hitachi DVD camcorders? I'm willing to spend up to $1200.00. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I'll try one TTT.

Nathan... go for a Canon or Sony mini DV Camcorder. I have owned a few and had great experiences with both. I will be purchasing another one soon as well. If you have more questions fire me an email

Is there a reason you keep buying new ones, like are the camcorders flimsy and don't last long or something?

I have owned a few and had them for differen reasons. I wa working on an internet website and had a canon XL1 besides that I have owned a few other cameras for personal use. i have bought and sold them, have yet to have problems wih one

what site is that at?

i work in a camera store in t.o. if you want a good, cheap camera, check out canon zr60. $500 on clearance. i bought one, no problems.

Thanks sarcasmo. I will check that out.

JHR I can't believe you posted that.

Hey all! I am going to try and borrow my bro's camera and get some footage of Fateh and Esfiha in action and post it here!