Questions about RINGRULERS

Ok, I have a friend who is looking for a fight and this is one of the orgs he has had contact with. He was wanting me to do some research on if its run well, if the promoter sets fights up and stuff like that. So seeing as how its primarily ran out of LA i figured you guys would know. Any help and previous experiences would be much appreciated guys.

Another reason I am asking, is because I had another friend fight a while back for them and it was his first MMA fight. No previous grappling tournaments or boxing mathces...nothin. He won the fight by 2nd rd KO but looked absolutely horrible before that. After that fight the head guy was wanting him to fight their champ in a couple months. We looked up said champ and he was a pretty good striker. So we thought it was a set up. Either way he was goin to do it though until he broke his hand :-/

I know nothing of this org. But I rarely venture outside of New Orleans. Sorry bro, the LA Ground is virtually dead.

Daley's warriors is having an event in lake charles on aug. 14th