Questions about Trials?

I'm not as up on the college or national wrestling scene as I used to be.Who is going to be at the trials?
Is Cael Sanders gonna be there.How about Kerry Colat and Lincoln McIlravy(probably misspelled).What are some other guys to look for.

Sanderson will be there looking to win the mini tournament in the 185.5 pound weight class and then avenge his defeat he suffered at the hands of Lee Fullhart in the finals of the US National tournamentlast month in Las Vegas. Cael will be severely tested by Fullheart and is not necesarily favored to win. We will see as it promisses to be a great finals should Cael advance that far.

No Lincoln or Kolat, 2 of my favorites as the 145 pound weight class seems to belong to 2 time us nationals champion, Jamil Kelly. From what I am told, he is a specialist from the clinch and can beat any american form that position. He's also extremely quick and athletic and is one of 3 us national champions form the golden state of California.

at 119 pounds, Stephen Abas, Fresno, California looks to make his 1st olympic team after dominating this weight class for the past 4 years. Abas is a 3 time NCAA Champion out of Fresno State as well as a 3 times state champion in high school from California.

132 pounds is really deep and led by 3 time us nationals champion, Eric Guerrero. Guerrero also a 3 tome ncaa champion as well as a 3 time california high school champion looks to have finally put it all together and capture his first world medal. It will be a tall task, however as the rest of the world is loaded at this weight class as well as the US. Guerrero figures to have his toughest competition from Iowas Zadick whom placed 2nd at US Nationals in Las Vegas just last month.

163 shpould be a battle between long time us team member Joe Williams and Joe Hesket. Has Hesket closed the gap? Will his coaching under legeandary coach, John Azevedo be enough to upset a determined Joe Williams? We will soon fiond out.

heavy weight will come down to Kerry McCoy who is already in the finals awaiting the winner of the mioni tournament and either steve Mocco or perhaps Tolly Thompson. Mocco has to be the favotite to advance to the finals where he will collide with the 4 time US National Champion looking for his 1st olympiv medal. My gut instinct says Mocco will represent the US in 2008 but in 04, it will be the real mccoy.

Thanks for the info Hustler.What is up with Lincoln and Kolat?Also I heard Kendall Cross is coaching somewhere,is that true.What is a good website to find out more info about wrestling.

No problem, Kolat is caoching and Lincoln seams to have finally given up on his olympic dreams after a brief yet unsuccessful come back attempt. Kendall Cross is coaching a high schol team along with Kenny Monday in the Dallas Texas area. I think the trams name is Bishop or something like that but I'm not sure. Imagine being a high school kid and having two olympic gold medalists as your workout partners! Look out for that team to put Texas high school wrestling on the map.

A good place to get caught up is on go to message boards and then click on what ever thread interests you. Easy way to get all caught up on what's going on in both high school, college and international wrestling.

Thanks a million!