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 Im hearing differing accounts on who is causing Overeem to withdraw from the tournament. Many people on here are bashing Zuffa, and stating that it's due to Zuffa that Overeem is being pulled out of the tournament, since he won't fight in September. 

But isn't Overeem contractually obligated to Showtime, with the tournament also being run by Showtime? Don't they decide when and where he fights?

Why is Zuffa automatically being blamed, when this is potentially Showtime's decision?

If it's stated somewhere that this is all Zuffa, then someone please show me. Otherwise, maybe stop proclaiming Dana and the Fertitta's to be the children of Satan...

 No one knows? That's funny, I seem to remember everyone acting as if they knew all the facts only a few short hours ago...


Is the fight too soon for Overeem for any specific reason?

Did he mention why? what could possible stop him from fighting in September? He said he wanted to fight in October but that doesn't make any sense to me. Thoughts?

broken toe doesn't leave him enough time to prepare.
he said he wants to fight in october.

Here's the link

 danawhite Dana White 

@RealShowman only date showtime could give us

Would you look at that. But nah, keep blaming Zuffa even though it's out of their hands....

meh. If he doesn't feel he has enough time to prepare, I'm cool with him not accepting it.
He'll live to fight another day.

-off topic, Griffin Queen?






All threads bashing Zuffa. Feel free to go to them. And many responses within the threads reporting that Overeem pulled out, are bashing Zuffa and saying it is solely due to them. If you knew how to read, you'd see that.

And yeah, I'm such a Zuffa nuthugger, buddy. Despite me making multiple threads supporting Fedor, and frequently defending Pride and pre-Zuffa SF. Good call on that one. I seem to recall you sending me a PM that said you were mistaken about me being a shill? Funny how back then you were apologetic, and now you're just negating that PM. 

No one says the organization needs defending, idiot. But when people are slandering something without even attempting to know the facts of the situation, that is something that needs to be corrected.



NarlyPersianDude - this is kind of a stupid thread. No one is blaming zuffa, anyone following this knows its not that.

Who here is blaming zuffa,
Overeem just wants time to fight. And is looking at the financial picture, which is smart. Pretty much that's the scoop here. Displayed

Are you serious with that question?

I've got no problem with zuffa or ubereem.

IMO they both made the decisions they had to make.
People want to make it personal, but really it's just business.

Good point Griffin, TTT for ya. Phone Post



NarlyPersianDude - That's a nice thread, but that's 1 thread. Is that the only thread you could find?

Surely, if you speak about pride and Fedor so rabidly, you could easily find more threads. All you have to do, is click his name and yours. We all now how to do it.

Go for it
So then you could as well. You failed at it, thinking that everyone makes weirdly jumbled sentences as thread titles like you do...


NarlyPersianDude - so what you are saying is that, you say you defend pride pre strikeforce zuffa and Fedor, but you can only find 1 thead proving so.


 so what you are saying is that, you ask me to prove something and I prove it, and you ask me to continue providing evidence despite your ability to find it yourself? 


NarlyPersianDude - this is kind of a stupid thread. No one is blaming zuffa, anyone following this knows its not that.


 You frequently post these huge jumbled copy+paste jobs of peoples posting history, in order to somehow prove your superiority over them. Why aren't you able to do that now? Afraid of admitting that you're wrong?

DamnSevern - 
NarlyPersianDude - this is kind of a stupid thread. No one is blaming zuffa, anyone following this knows its not that.


 shhh, he doesnt know what that word means, he'll think you're agreeing with him.

NarlyPersianDude - sorry man, you where right about the people calling out zuffa, I simply did not notice them doing so. It's not like I read every thread on the forum. You get props for that, I dont mind admitting when I am wrong.

But after you linked 4 threads, you then went and said you have threads where you support pride fedor and pre strikeforce zuffa, yet as you searched doggedly, you could only find 1. That's pretty funny

 Well that's obviously a lie, or else most of your posts would be apologies. 

Edit: And you made a blanket statement without doing any research, simply to argue with me "no one is bashing Zuffa" and "anyone knows its not that"

Obviously not the case. 

And searched doggedly? Dude I spent literally 15 seconds grabbing one thread, copying it's URL, and posting it in another thread. 

NarlyPersianDude - I notice how you are trying to steer away from the fact that you went and said you support pride and fedor but you can't find more than 1 thread.

I notice how you can't read