Quik has some competition now


The gear they have that I saw is the only thing I have seen on the market that could rival six deuce


or of course Body Count somthing fight gear.

the fucking most ugly shit and name Ive ever seen advertised in Grappling Mag

Is that supposed to be period blood?

LMAO @ this garbage:

Grit, determination, heart - these are the things which define Contract Killer. It's the same focus that every MMA fighter feels that fuels Contract Killer to push themselves, the industry, and the style of life that they live. The name "Contract Killers" was chosen because it promotes a certain type of fighter: true professionals of such talent that they are paid to do what no one else can. They are the elite, the best of the best. "Contract Killers" are those who are not afraid to work hard - gladiators who sacrifice their bodies for the sake of winning and putting on a show. They are about living for the moment, the smell of blood, the smell of domination, the smell of victory!

I dunno about the bloody hand prints on the shirts...have to see more of what they have.


I think the Contract Killer stuff looks pretty good.

it sure beats the fucking pants off of anything like tapout or tap or snap or tap tap tap or ktfo or no submit...

really when you think about it all that shit is really pussy

Something like Contract Killer or have a brand called Mass Murderer or Serial Killer... stuff like that is at least "edgy"

Is that supposed to be period blood?

Look man, we are blood brothers

lol...just jokin...

someone start a brand called tard strength

Quik should do a tard strength offshoot of his shirts.

on the front "i hit like a tard"

and on the back "tard strength"

I'd buy 1