R. Almeida vs N. Marquardt

wow Almeida was on his ass like white on rice. not only looseing his belt nate gets a kick in the face by Renzo...damn talk about a bad night.

anywho the point of the thread is to promote Pancrase seeing how the U.G has a poor opinion on it.


Too bad Ricardo retired...

Nathan was OWNED.

LOL not to laugh but i find it kind of funny after everything is clear between the camps the are shaking hands i would ive been behind pissed off if Renzo kickfucked me when i was flat on my back.

well the guy threw a punch after the tap. lol

No, no, it was cleared up soon after by both camps i believe.

Marq felt Almeida held the choke on too long and therefore swung and then shit happened.

Wasa-B is correct.

I've never got to see the match before . . . just heard about it for years. Good to finally see that.

Ricardo is the man.

I think Nathan didn't know the fight was over since Ricardo didn't let go when he tapped. Nathan was confused from being triangled.


He'd definately be a contender today. I'd love to see him fight f. shammy

Ricardo did hold the choke tight a few seconds after the tap so Marq had reason to be a lil upset. But yea Renzo's always ready to fight thats for sure...lol

You know Ricardo was signed to fight Frank Shammrock and Ricardo had a broken hand at the time which would have only just healed by fight time and still Shammy pulled out.

Crazy eh.


The crazy thing is Ricardo is still improving as though he were competing.

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Ricardo Almeida vs Nathan Marquardt
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I love that fight, ricardo should come back and compete again.

Ricardo retired just when I thought he was ripe to come back to the UFC and tear shit up.

ttt for the big dog