Rafael Lavato fight 2morrow....

Caribbean MMA Championships is tomorrow w/ Rafael Lavato taking on Joshua Griffiths. I'm assuming this is the same Lavato that is a BJJ black belt and just competed in ADCC and is constantly competing in grappling competitions. Anyone know for sure? If so, I'll go with him by submission. Your pick?

Yes,but it's just going to be a submission match.

Rafael Lovato Sr. spent years doing striking before discovering BJJ. Consequently, he has had Lovato Jr. (the one who competes all the time now) doing boxing, muay thai, etc. his whole life, and he still regularly trains striking.

I admire Jr. for doing what he does best and representing BJJ. If he ever decides to make the jump to MMA, he will be effective at that as well, IMO.

I would imagine in the Carribean.

wolfpack leg kicked the correct, I first met the Lavato family back in the early 90's and they were doing Muay Thai, boxing and grappling then. Jr was a little kid and was very well rounded. They were affiliated under Richard Bustillo and were doing JKD.