Rakic is going to dismantle Jan

So you putt 100 and you get 250?

Yep exactly. Better value on Jan IMO. Hes def live. Rakic is good but Jan has had some great performances and did win the title. Looked great vs Izzy and Reyes when he won the title. Reyes who gave Jones all he could handle right.

Rakic -147 on my betting site (poker stars) and Jan now at +260

Also bet on ryan spann at +275 vs ion cutelaba who has shown lack of heart and toughness and cardio in his fights.

Yea Reyes did great against Jones so did Santos, Smith kinda to.
All of these guys are good, and Jan was the champion and can probably be again if he gets the opportunity.
Any one in top 10 can beet any one on the right night.
Butt there is realy level to this game and Rakic Magomed and Jiri are levels abouve the rest right now.
Especially Rakic and Magomed, Jiri is fighting litle bitt reckless for a big guy.

What’s the odds that Rakic stops him?

We shall see. Jan has the better killer instinct and KO power IMO. I could see Jan catching him.

Can definitely happen

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Youll have to look into that. +180, +150 maybe something like that. DOnt see it happeneing. A better bet instead of betting on rakic is betting the fight goes the distance which is going to be similar as the previous odds. As if rakic wins, its going to be a dec. BUt if jan wins by dec, you still get paid t oo. Thats my go to bet with WMMA or if flyweights are fighting as those almsot go the distance. Its free money haha.

Rakic to win in rounds 1-5 is +290 (decent bet)

Rakic by decision is +325 (good bet)

Either fighter by decision is +210 (better bet imo)

Im still liking my jan to win at +260 now.

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That’s smart when it comes to smaller weight classes. Need to check out the odds

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He seems to be certain he will get the title shot if he wins.
But if he has a shitty performance and play to safe, wouldn’t surprise me if they pass him over.

Whos that - Jan or Rakic?


Ya think either guy is in the mix with a win. If not impressive tho like u said, ya they could get passed over for someone like Magomed.

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