Let Bonnar fight Glover. Guaranteed sick fight.


ok, I can dig it

Bonnar has been campaigning for one last big fight, I don't think Glover is well known enough and is far too dangerous of an opponent. Would be a great fight though.

I will co-sign this 1000x. Phone Post

on it. Phone Post

I'd watch that!

War Bonnar Phone Post

 great fight but Bonnar essentially said he's retired unless he gets a big a fight (easier fight) against forrest or one of the other guys fading away.

WAR Bonnar!!! Guy always brings a fight! Phone Post


Glover will most likely fight Stephan Bonnar. Not done yet though. Forget Machida Glover rumors.


Hope Dana see this thread and makes this fight...

DO IT, DANA Phone Post


I'd really like to see Bonnar go out with a big win.

Signed, would be a war. Phone Post

tweeted that shit Phone Post

FRB is tweeting that IT will happen... Phone Post

Signed Phone Post

Yes !! Phone Post

Come on people. There's only 3 #rally4bonnar on twitter. Including mine. Lets go. Twitter up Phone Post