Ramon Dekker videos

I'm pretty new to MT (about 3 months) and I just recently discovered this very exciting fighter.

I was wondering where icould get some tapes of Mr. Dekker be it just a tape of his fights or events he has fought in.

Thank you...


i need USA video format (NTSC I think) they only got European (PAL)

Ben, when are you coming to New Orleans to compete?Call us at 504-888-6451

you gotta talk to Liborio or Marcello.

you can call the American Top Team school at 954-425-0705. Liborio is in Japan right now with Din but you can talk to Marcello if you want or wait till Liborio gets back.

i do not know if this helps
but i saw this on ebay today

thanks knockdown.

are those all the fights he has?

if he has like 10 hours of fight, then i want 10 hours of fights.