Rampage might be in the UFC!!!

This was taking off www.foxsports.com there is a big write up on the ufc.. it looks like we might see him after all.. Would be awesome to have him in the ufc..

On Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, who was at UFC 62: I'd love to have him. We're talking to him. We always want to make the best fights happen with the best fighters. It's gonna happen, it's just a matter of time.

not happening

Probably wont happen but if it does... Liddel has improved and Rampage has gotten worse. Do you think Chuck would have those troubles with Lindland ? Be real.

Chuck via straight right hand Rd. 2.

If he goes to the UFC it'll probably be after his WFA contract expires.

I interviewed Jeremy Lappen, the WFA CEO. He laughed when I asked him about a story that Rampage was close to signing with the UFC and told me that the WFA has Rampage under exclusive contract.

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right, I don't believe it. why now? why not when Rampage was a free agent?

I don't blame Quinton for getting paid by the WFA while he waits for that promotion to go under. Every year that goes by, the odds are more and more on Quintons side winning a rematch with Chuck. Chuck is 36 and didn't live his life on a diet of raw grain, tuna, and spinach like Couture.

Chuck would KO Rampage in a rematch.

Quinton lost his fire. He's not the same fighter he was, and Chuck is better than he was last time they fought,IMO.

Keep doing that and one day it might be funny again!

Rampage beating Chuck right now is about as likely as Vitor beating Vanderlei or Hallman beating Hughes again... not completely impossible, but an outside chance at best.

not the biggest chuck fan, but if he gets fights against rampage and wandy and beats them both, he will go down as all time top 3 pfp....not sure he can do it though.
-moderate liddell fan