Rampage on ESPN right now - WTF

I usually love rampage, but he's pretending to not know who Shogun is and said that Wanderlei beat him in "Japan" because he had help from the referees. WTF?

Gee, I wonder who told him to say those things...

The host definitely put him in a bad spot by bringing up Wanderlei and Shogun, but to play it like he did was just bad.

The host said "MMA weekly" has Maurico Rua as the #1 LHW in the world." and Rampage was like "who? who is that?" after a little stamering the host said "Shogun."
Maybe I can see that being a little confusing, but when the host brought up Wanderlei, Quinton said Wand had help from the referee in their fight. Never mentioned Wand beat him twice either.

Oh, awesome, I didn't know it was an inside joke. LOL Rampage just pwned everyone watching ESPN LOL

Did he really say those things?


He should have also said that Silva wrecked him twice and not the one time like they made it out to be.

The "Shogun .. Who's that?" comment made me laugh a bit though.

it sounds to me that rampage tried to kayefabe the reporter but the report was acutally a smart mark

I think Wand would wreck him again, too. Just a bad match up for Rampage.

There's a few ways to shut down knees from a thai clinch, let's hope he's learned at least one.

It sounds like Rampage is still mentally distraught from the brutal losses to Chute Boxe. It kind of reminds me of how Chuck looked and sounded before Chuck/Rampage II.

imho, ninja beat rampage as well now that we are on the subject of rampage vs. chuteboxe

Affliction makes t-shirts with wolves on them?? Damn, just damn.

if you don't remember the beating, did it really happen?

In their 2nd fight the ref actually helped him and gave him extra time to finish off Wand but he couldn't and got hung out to dry in between the ropes.

They should've reminded him by showing a clip of his lifeless body being peeled off the the canvas as the blood was pouring from his face. Then again he probably wouldn't remember that fight.

So the yellow card they gave Silva and stood him up in one of their fights was fair?

Better yet, don't answer me, you should never post again you are too fucking stupid

^ idiot.

Why did they have to pull Rampage out of camp to do interviews in New York, ESPN is global, they could have interviewed him in Cali via satellite. Meanwhile Hendo is at home training.

He is just joking guys. Relaxe.

He also pretended like he did know that he had beat Chuck before when he first came to the UFC. I will need to watch the video to judge for my self but he might well have been doing his charactoristic joking.

It would have been funny if they started playing the Shogun clip right after he said that.

LOL @ the dogfighting shirt