Rampage on Larry King Live

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                                Rampage on Larry King Live

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                    <p>Quinton &quot;Rampage&quot; Jackson recently sat down with Larry King for a wide-ranging discussion lasting over 20 minutes. Highlights include:</p>

Former Pride and UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson tells Larry King how he thinks his now cancelled fight with Tito Ortiz would have turned out.

•I would have smashed Tito
“I always help Tito train for his fights… I don’t think he can take me down, my punch is a lot better, I’m faster than him. And I’m younger.”

•I can honestly say I messed up
Rampage concedes taking his role in the “A-Team” movie soured his relationship with UFC President Dana White.

Why I Left The UFC
"You put your life on the line, and you put your heart into it. I didn't want to pull out of the fight - I love fighting in Japan. You think you are doing something good for the organization, then the promoter criticizes you. That's really hard. That's the reason I left the UFC."


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I would love to see Larry King do a duel interview with Dana White and Rampage. I'm glad he admitted about the A-Team movie being a mistake. You have to take care of your current obligations first. Phone Post 3.0

even after the a team thing, ufc bent over backwards to give rampage what he wanted Phone Post

Rampage was his own worst enemy. The fact that he would let himself get fat as fuck in between fights, showed where his head was at.

A pro athlete should never balloon up to the point where his camp isn't even about skills, strength and conditioning anymore, the camp becomes a weight loss camp.

Man baby. Phone Post

Stephen Holder - I dont feel sorry for Page.

Oh and 'you put your life on the line' that shit is played the fuck out not to mention highly exaggerated. I'm not sayin there isnt danger involved in there but realatively speaking I can think of probably 10 jobs that are far riskier than being an mma fighter and they arent even a tenth as lucrative or glamourous professions.
Vu Phone Post 3.0