Rampage really is the new B.A. Baracus really?

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                                Rampage really is the new B.A. Baracus really?

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Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson WILL be playing the part of BA Baracus in the forthcoming A-Team movie, Fighters Only has been able to establish.

However, Jackson is due to headline UFC 107 in December in a fight against TUF10 rival coach Rashad Evans. But with filming taking place around that date, Jackson will be unable to fight Evans at the December 12th event.

Fighters Only has learned that Rampage’s management are en route to the US to have an urgent weekend meeting with the UFC regarding this development. It is understood that they will be asking for the fight with Evans to be moved to another date, allowing Jackson to get a full training camp.

That would create a headache for the UFC as it would lose the main event of 107, which is being held in Jackson’s home town of Memphis, Tennessee.

But the potential benefits of Jackson’s participation in the movie may outweigh the downsides. The A Team remake is a big-budget, mainstream Hollywood affair that will receive massive publicity around the world.

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Best. Casting. Eva.

Between this and TUF, I'm thinking Rampage has one too many distractions. However, I can't think of a worthier cause then following in Mr. T's footsteps as B.A. Baracus.

 I have wanted to see Kimbo as BA for years.

I thought this rumor was already debunked?

 This is the undebunk de jour :-)

 i say no way they cast quinton opposite liam neeson

i should have been BA Baracus

"I ain't gettin on no plane"


BULLSHIT! I have already reserved a room for 107. Rampage is my fav fighter but I would be really upset with this move.

strictly business.

LOL @ anyone having a problem w/ this.

all i want to see is rampage with 35lbs of gold around his neck and the t hawk

 LOL @ people getting angry at a guy trying to make a living

Kirik -  I have wanted to see Kimbo as BA for years.

This is the only option for me.

Kimbo IS BA.

His "all days" could be the new "pity the fools"

 This is impossible, everyone knows the Zuffa contract means they own you, your name, and your likeness, so you can't do movies or anything else if they don't want you to.