Rampage / Silva

It is completely illogical to state that Rampage had the harder fight.. Sylva did basically roll with an Olympic Medalist for most of his fight. And it wasn't a stall and brawl situation either. Silva slapped a triangle on him and had him in ther for a couple of minutes.

I still think a fresh Rampage could take Silva though..

Rampage got hit by Chuck. He just didn't react much to it because he's Rampage.

Here we go again. Silva won convincingly. Even if Rampage expended more gas in his fight I don’t think it played a role in his match with Silva. He lost because he got stood up and cracked by Silva in an exchange. This was the beginning of the end for Quinton.

As far as tournament go, you couldn’t have asked for two guys in the finals who were more even as far as previous energy output than Jackson and Silva. I mean come one, they were pretty even going in.

This stupid topic won’t die. I concur with Wasa-B, this is just the tip of the iceberg when compared to the fall out if MINO and Fedor fight in the GP HW Finals. I can hear it now.

"Mino had a longer walk to the dressing room after his match and clearly slapped more people high 5 than Fedor”

“Mino got 9hrs sleep. I heard Fedor woke up a few times to take a piss, limiting him to 6 ½.”

"I always wondered why Rampage didn't powerbomb Silva out of that elevated standing guillotine"

Cause more likely than not Silva would have spiked him on his head.

"grappling is more tiring than kickboxing anyday...especially kickboxing at that pace"

I dont know anything about you man, but this sounds like the opinion of a BJJ newbie who has never boxed before. Kickboxing is tons more tiring than BJJ

LMAO@supersonic. Good post.

I want to say one thing though, didn't Rampage fight before Silva?

Thank you Mayhem for offering your insight as a professional fighter. I also agree w/ your opinion that Silva was saving energy.

Do you think that Silva might have been taking Yoshida too lightly? I think he might have come out and tried to save some energy and was surprised at Yoshida competing like he did.

Non-action in kickboxing is more tiring, IMO, than non-action (stalling) in grappling. You still are moving around, have to keep your hands up, and be cognizant of a possible attack.

In a non-active grappling sequence, when you're squared away and now damn well you aren't in danger of submission, i think it's more restful.

Not to say that the active period of Yoshida-Silva wasn't taxing as hell...but Chuck and Quinton were fighting at a FAST pace. Dana tried to say it was a slow pace but Bas immediately disagreed. Those guys were throwing a lot of strikes and dueling it out hard core.

oh well, at least we've got arguments like this to sustain us until Rampage-Silva II, right?

my bottom line is -- even if there is a difference,
IMO there isn't a big one. factor in the fact that
Rampage had the longer rest period and any difference
should be negligible, ESPECIALLY to the extent that it
doesn't merit this controversy. I only made this post
cause I just saw the tournament for the first time a
few days ago, and after watching it was amazed that
people even came up with the "Silva had the easier
path" theory in the first place