Rampage / Silva

I just watched Final Conflict. Silva did NOT have an
easier fight than Rampage did. If that was supposedly
an easier fight, then not by much.

Rampage had to take on Chuck Liddell, easily a top 5 lwh in the world. I think that anyone that goes rounds with Chuck should only have to drink beer directly after the fight, not jump in with the #1 LHW in the world an hour later.

Josh, I agree that on paper it seems like Chuck would
be the tougher opponent, but after watching what
actually happened, Silva is getting a total bum rap by
the people who say he had an advantage

thaibox is correct

so is godofmma

Don't take it as I hate Silva, I love to watch that man fight! I also love to watch Rampage, I just can't imagine taking on Chuck and Silva in a couple of hours. One fight in one night will tell all.

Rampage/Silva= I win for sure, its a great fight!

"Silva did more than just roll for 15 minutes. He
actually got cracked by Yoshida harder than Chuck hit
Rampage the whole fight. "

Godofmma, I agree totally. I was surprised at leather
Yoshida was throwing in the second round, but most
fans will ignore that cause they think of Yoshida as
Judo guy, not as a striker, and Chuck has the obvious
rep of one of the best strikers, so they totally
underrate Yoshida.

anyways, despite anything else said, I have to say
that was a great fight between Rampage and Silva,
great matchup between those two. No boring fight there

Silva is quite simply the man. Hopefully he will beat Kondo like I think he will so we can see Silva vs. Rampage II. I think Rampage will have improved greatly since the last fight and it will be very hard for me to call. It will be a war.

I always wondered why Rampage didn't powerbomb Silva out of that elevated standing guillotine. He probably could've wrecked him with a northern lights suplex too.

unfortunately, i just think its a bad matchup for quinton. i can see him winning by slam but, damn, vanderlei is a monster striker.

I like Silva a lot. That being said, on paper he had a much easier road to the finals. In reality Yoshida proved to be a much tougher guy than anyone thought. Rampage did not come out of his fight unscathed. The finals coming in I would say the two were about equal in the amount of energy they used. I would give the slight edge to Rampage because he had the longer rest period.

Are you people saying that Yoshida throwing leather for 1 min in round two is equal to trading with the Iceman for 10-12 min. No one is hating on Silva. Silva might have worked up a sweat rolling with Yoshida, but Rampage had a war with one of the most devistating strikers in all of mma. Rampage was visibly shook after the Lidell fight, and stated he had been hit harder in the chuck fight than ever before.

You can look at Rampage after he takes off the mask and see that Chuck landed punches. I like Chuck Rampage and Silva but I think Rampage v Liddell was a tougher fight than Silva vs Yoshida.

Call it what you want but looking at the two fighters has the entered the ring,Jackson didnt look has fresh has Silva,maybe Jackson wasnt in has good has shape has Silva-i dunno.

I still wanna see a fight between the two when the are both fresh.

The Keyboard Warriorness is strong on this thread.

Anyone who has ever trained there ass off could tell you that the pace of the Rampage-Liddel fight was WAAY higher than the Silva-Yosh fight... and it is waaaaaaay easier to grapple for 15 minutes than Kickbox/wrestle for 15 minutes. Alas, I will not convince the Silva lovers (and I respect Silva totally) but Rampage had a way tougher fight. Silva had an easier draw, and I believe he didn't push to finish Yosh that much, because I think he was conserving his energy. On the other hand Rampage went balls out trying to finish Chuck, and ended up gassing in the finals.

If Silva repeats that performance, I would be more than shocked and amazed, I'll be fuckin flabergasted!


"I would give the slight edge to Rampage because he had the longer rest period."

  • thats one thing that seems to be overlooked.

I love both Silva and Rampage but thats how tournaments go down, boys, we all know that.

Get ready for the fuss over who had the 'easier fight' between Fedor and Mino.

They both had hard fights. Silva just has better gas. Silva has NEVER gassed in a fight, where Jackson has. Also Silva and Yoshida were not just "grappling" for 15 min. LOL. Some of you people make it seem like they were just having a nice rolling session, while Jackson went nonstop for 12 min. Both of their fights had their slow moments. Silva was just better prepared that night.

q said the body shots from chuck hurt him. but the reason he lost was the ref standup

"Chuck landed zero legs, or knees, even Dana couldn't shut up about it. I didn't see 1 single shot hit Rampage flush at all."

If someone has some web space or something, I'd be happy to upload a couple clips of Chuck landing punches square in Rampage's face, the same punches that have KO'd more top fighters than anyone else in the division. You just don't notice because Rampage barely reacted, much like when Marvin Eastman kicked him squarely in the side of the head.

"I didn't see 1 single shot hit Rampage flush at all."

You are blind as a bat.