Rampage WILL win!!!!!!!

The bible tells us that

"through christ all things are possible"

On Oct 31 Vanderlei will go DOWN.

Randy Couture quoted that verse after he won UFC13


Nope.  Wandy's not burdened with all that love-your-enemy-so-he-can-come-back-and-kill-you.  He fights with total disregard for his opponent's safety; that's the ref's job.  Rampage will be haunted on Halloween by the ghost of Wandy past.

Still wanna fight, boy?

And Wandy will pimp the pimp again.



he definitely maybe will win...

or silva will.

"And Wandy will pimp the pimp again."

Straight out, homeboy...

So it comes down to whoever prays hardest! LOL! I think Rampage has an excellent chance to win this fight. Rampage is going to have more focus then ever in his training. He has made some bold claims about God, and now, if he doesn't back them up, he is going to look like a phoney. I am willing to bet, we are going to see the best of Rampage in this fight.

It will be the Catholic against the Christain.

Rampage should win unless the ref stands them up every time they hit the ground like he did the first time,They only went to the ground once but damn he stood them up fast and that was clearly an advantage for Wand considering Rampage was all beat up after his fight with Chuck.Rampage by TKO round 1 or 2!

  They were on the ground long enough and Rampage kneed Silva in the eye and opened up a nice cut, but he couldn't make any hay out of it, so rather than allow a boring lay and pray the ref stood them up and let them fight like men.  And Silva was the man.

I think that if they both ask God to be with them, He will, and they will both fight like warriors. That being said, IMHO God is not typically in the business of fixing fights:)

As far as I know, Randy, Rampage, Belfort, and Silva are all Christians- I dont think any of them have the advantage with God.

Rampage is the mother fucking man

He needs more bling to go with the chain and the fronts....so he is going to win that belt

q will win but it wont be cuz of religion

I think this fight will end in a similar fashion to the first one.

I've got a $1,000 on this fight, for Rampage. Not a huge amount of money but certainly enough to validate my confidence in Rampage.

This fight will answer some questions for me, especially after the last fight. If Silva gets the win this time without his corner interfering, without the reps prematurely standing them up (Rampage does his best work from the mount/sidemount, the refs should know that already), and without either fighter having a previous fight then I will be a "Silva believer." Of course I'll also be pissed about losing a $1,000.

Arnisguy, since Rampage was never in the mount and sidemount only briefly I have to say wtf are you talking about? Rampage had all but stopped punching before the ref stood them up. Also what corner interference are you talking about? I saw the American PPV and they must have edited out Ninja in the ring with the chair or whatever you are talking about.

Lol about religion having anything to do with the fight or anything else. Wanderlei will crush his mentally frail ass again. The "Rampage born again" thing has been hilarious from day 1.

"I've got a $1,000 on this fight, for Rampage."

Who bet you $1,000 Silva would win?

If Silva wins, it will not look the same as the last fight. How many fights in Pride has Silva won with knees? One, two? While an effective weapon, you simply don't see a whole lot of fights in MMA decided by the muay thai knees in the clinch, even from a guy like Silva.

Rampage made a mistake and had some holes in his game which I have to assume he has corrected by this point (a full year after the first fight). Really, all he needed to work on was his defense against knees and his escape from the plumb.

Because of Quinton's freakish chin, I don't see Wanderlei stopping him with punches -- Silva is known more for his incredible aggression rather than his punching power -- and I certainly don't see Wanderlei submitting Rampage after so many have failed. Silva is definitely not going to GnP him.

This will be a very tough fight for Silva to win -- for Quinton too, obviously, but he is more than capable of winning by GnP against anybody (as Chuck, Iloukhine, Igor, etc learned to their dismay), and also has the power to KO Silva standing if Silva gets careless. Add in the ever-present possibility of a slam, and Silva's tendency to bleed, and I simply see more ways for Jackson to win this (and plant himself firmly at #1 at LHW).