Rampage would beat Couture

They're about the same size. Rampage is probably the stronger guy. He's the better striker. I think Rampage holds his own in MMA wrestling when you factor in strength (He has against Lindland, Henderson, and Randleman). They both have good chins but I think the edge there goes to Rampage.

So, Rampage by better, stronger striking and a better chin.

Agree? Disagree?

rampage took lindland to a semi close decision, about as close as hendo.

randy is stronger than both those guys, and strength is what quinton had over them,

Page has a good chance. Sure.

I'd say he'd have a great shot.


page wins due to his size advantage

page can't push Randy around

maxpower, I agree Randy is stronger than Hendo and Lindland, but he's not as good of a wrestler. Randy is not stronger than Randleman and Rampage handled Randleman's wrestling. Sylvia is a big guy but he didn't look great in the clinch, wrestling-wise, against Vera, who is small at HW, and who took him down. I don't think Gonzaga's greco-roman is awesome either. The are big guys though. I'm not saying Randy isn't great at greco-roman, I just think Rampage can hang with him.

I didn't see the Randy/Randleman fight but from what I've heard, and correct me if I'm wrong, Randleman was out wrestling Randy until he got tired.

Goku, I have not seen the yoon dong sik fight so I can't really debate you on that except to say that Rampage was in a rut for a while there and that fight was around that time. The main thing I have to say in response to your post is that I don't think Rampage is weak in the clinch in so far as wrestling is concerned. He's just shown a suseptability to getting his head pulled down in a thai clinch and then eating a few knees. Even if he hasn't fixed this problem I don't see it being a big issue against Randy.

Rampage would beat Couture like a rented mule.

"Gonzaga is a much better wrestler than Rampage"

LOLZ! who has taken down rampage and kept him there?? hendo is the only one i can think of, and we know how that fight went.

gonzaga got slammed to death.

Only one way to find out ... too bad it won't be happening

agreed Rampage takes it

At 205, it's a close fight.

At 225, Randy smashes 'page.

Randy would beat him on the feet and on the ground

"Remember even Tito dominated Rampage in training."


That was ages ago and if you're going to get into ABC stuff, Rampage finished Liddell twice, who finished Tito and Randy twice.

Before you respond with, "Tito beat Wand, who beat Rampage........", the fights I mentioned all happened fairly recently.

You say Rampage has no bottom game but he did well in the Hendo fight while he was on his back. Randy has never looked good off of his back.

chawkins, I don't think it matters much if this fight is at 205 or HW. They're the same size. How is Rampage at a disadvantage at HW?