Rampage's Entrance

Damn it Page...a win would of been great


 I got worried when I saw him pushing the skin off his cranium hours prefight. : (

some of his children are from Japan?

iPhone!!! Phone Post

groundfighter2000 - some of his children are from Japan?

 yea, his ex is Japanese...his son looks albino..

Awesome walk in, walk out?? Not so much! WeeewA Phone Post

fuk i wanted him to win so bad.

Later Phone Post


 lol i was yelling when Page slammed Bader on his head...fucking Bader...

hiimbored - Yea I got chills when the PRIDE music started. When Rampage went old school and got the slam, I about pissed my pants I was so pumped. Now I fucking hate Ryan Bader.

Same, fuck bader. Asshole Phone Post