Randa Markos vs. Luana Pinheiro

Yes, Tex. I was enjoying it up to there.
That level of athletic ability will place her above a lot of girls once she gets some more experience.

Randa Markos calls bullshit rather nicely: “a bit oversold and suspect”

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Like was said earlier maybe she is way too big a fan of soccer and it creeped into her fight lol


You know Tex, for us Brits, this stuff is painful. For Brits growing up we hate diving/flopping. Loath it. Consider it a disgrace.

Yet the Latinos love it. They see it as smart. They don’t mind losing their dignity for a ‘W’.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Luana had absorbed Brazilian norms, and was ‘smart’, for the win.

British football (soccer) players have different values. Or at least we used to.

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She learned from the best:

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Yeah, he is one of the worst to ever flop. Or the best? Depends which way you look at it.

Though, the rumour is that he has a sexual relationship with his sister. So at least that is something.

Let’s ask Liam Gallagher (Oasis) what he thinks of Neymar Jr. (This was shown on live Spanish TV).

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Neymar is the worst of the bunch

Lol at that tweet posted on TV hahaha

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But i fucked it up. I didnt check it properly. This is what was really shown. Really.

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