(SEE SHERDOG VIDEO) 1 HE wants a rematch. 2 coleman wants a shot at mirko 3 he was training with mark laimon ---

--- jeez i assume he was taught the guillotine escape then? --

in other news hendo said he thought silva won

Good idea IMO.

I think we may see a #3 because Cro Cop would wanna repay Randleman for giving him a rematch. That how Mirko's new attitude is.

I could have swore that I saw laimon in his corner. Still, anyone who trains with Laimon will increase the grappling abilities.

No rematch. Cro cop won a couple of fights between his loss to randleman and this fight. Let randleman put together a couple of wins before allowing this to be a possibility

Randleman needs to slam KO Mirko and himself while he is in Mirko's triangle so that EVERYONE can be a winner!