Randleman vs. Ogawa

Looks like they were already setting up this matchup for the next round. It looked like they were running a little angle at the end of the show when all the fighters came out to post for pics. How do you guys think this matchup will go??

Ogawa would own Randleman. He's good at submissions.

Ogawa is also just as strong as Randleman and much taller and heavier.

You never know though.

haha yoshida you are an idiot..go home "

you getting high just cuz Randleman got a lucky punch in?

please remember that Randleman is the same guy who couldnt' finish Ohara.

If he couldn't finish Ohara, then he sure aint' doing shit to Ogawa.

and he lost to Sakuraba too, when he should have won. sometimes that guy just get's lost in the ring.

Randleman is just getting his 15 minutes right now. He will regress back to his mean soon enough.

now goku, stfu.

Id like to see this match up. Olympic level Judoka vs less than Olympic level wrestler.