Random funny moment in Cyborg/Carano

Can I get a "pulling mount" gif? How does that happen to a world class fighter twice in one round? LMAO

congrats cyborg btw. But that was hilarious.

 lol @ pull mount

Cyborg really fucked those suplexes up. TWICE. I'm guessing she thought she could muscle Gina down, but that didn't work out for her.

That was a little funny. :)

Yoshihiro Takayama was pulling mount on Don Frye since Cyborg was in her daddy's nutsack.

 lindland did that once and he was an olympic silver medal wrestler. he got kod from it too

Cyborg probably not used to lifting women who fight her in the ring at around 150ish. And, making weight for once probably affected her strength/endurence.

suplex is much more difficult with the wide hips and thus lower center of gravity.

Simple physics my friend