randori question

do most people when training at their club randori like its a tournament or do they take more easy.

We tend to go 100% when matched up evenly skill wise.
Vineland Judo Club

We like to say:"Let's go easy." But it takes 10 seconds and we are ripping each other's heads off.


depends really..

some people i go againt dont go 100% and some do.. you kinda learn who is going all out and who is not..

but it is beneficial at times to not go 100% and obviously at times you need to go 100%

i dont ever go 100% in randori. ill go hard, even 80%, but never 100%. people get hurt that way and i dont need to be the fella feeling-guilty becuase i hurt my teammates and friends cause i was jerk enough to act like practice was something more than practice.

ill use all kinds of throws in practice that i wont dare use in a shiai becuase, well, that is how we learn and improve and improvise.


I think it's hard not to go 100% when the other guy is trying to smash you into the ground. I think pride also is also a factor because you just don't want to be the guy his back.

It seems like lower belts tend to go all out or at 100% but the more advanced players seem to understand the purpose of randori which it to practice shiai.