Randy and Forrest at Bragg

It was great to see Randy and Forrest come down to Bragg, they had a great crowd which kinda shocked me. The Army didn't spread the word that they were coming other than having a sign up at the north px but tons of fans showed up. There were quite a few females, don't know if they were getting autographs for their husbands or maybe to catch a date with Forrest...

Anyways, thanks to Randy and Forrest!!


very cool & good pics too.  lm

Very nice to see support for our troops

TTT for Randy and Forrest

They did a little workout/seminar with 7th Group but they didn't hit up any schools that I know.

Look on the UFC website in a few days, they were filming the event and they should have a good story on it.

I wish I had known they were going to be there. My family and best friend live 20 minutes away from Bragg...they could have gone and met them.

TTT for Randy and Forrest


great stuff