Randy and Rashad in ESPN mag

pg. 94 in the new ESPN magazine with matt leinart on the cover. its just a quick quote from both of them, however the randy one tells a little more, like about his family and how he will be on the show called "the unit" coming soon.

Well get typing...Fill us in on everything that was said please. Word for word.

They didn't mention how Rashad is going to star in a show called "The Tool"?

damnit em, ok.

I think I got Rashad.

I met both and Tito is WWAAAYY bigger than Evans. Maybe that could be a factor, but Rashad's quick.

randy couture-ufc heavyweight champion
(1) I was in the army for six years. but this is actually on the set of the tv show the unit. (shows a pic of randy on set). i play sergeant strickland. I"m with actor Dennis Haysbert( in the picture).
(2)Thats my wife kim, my 11 year old stepson oakley at red rock national park, 20 minutes outside my home in las vegas. it's got a lot of cool geography and geology. (shows picture of fam ontop of trail in red rock)
(3) my 24 year old son ryan, wrestled all through school, now he's taken up grappling and is learning boxing. i dont know if he's interested in competing, but he loves to wrestle. (shows pic of rand putting on handwraps with son ryan)
(4) here i am with my daughter aimee, and her mom, my ex wife, sharon, at my new house. my daughter is a bit bohemian. she likes tattoos, dyes her hair black, draws and writes poetry. We're together for her wedding. she is 22 and wore a black 1940's dress.(shows pic of him, ex, and daughter)
(5) my two children are opposite my personality. ryan is more reserved than aimee. (shows pic of randy and ryan again)

for the record, each number is a picture, and the sentance describes the pic.

Rashad Evans - ufc fighter

(1) thats hen dog (henry ebram) he's a law student who trains at my gym, a real life fight club in east lansing, michigan. he's a southern boy and as you can see, he has a unothodox way of warming up. (shows picture of henry doing what looks like break dancing)
(2) my son, rashad jr.,is 6 months old, and i'm like a big toy to him. we call him deuce. he usually sleeps with us, and he wakes me up by slapping my face and trying to get me to play with him. i'd never push him to be a fighter, thought, unless he's into it. whatever his passion is, thats what i want him to do. (shows pic of baby rashad grabbing rashads face)

lol jope