Randy by submission?

In the unlikely event he goes for a sub would it be choke or armlock?

How about "no"


RNC if Vitor gasses late in the fight and turtles up. I'll be amazed if I see a Randy Couture submission victory.

lol @amsbjj

he did try an armbar against Randleman when he was on the bottom

Checkout his highlite video on sherdog, he went for keylock vs. Mo Smith. Has gone for RNC a few times. He could have RNC in the first fight. He just prefers to pound away from mount or from the back.

Vitor will own randy

Randy by triangle...

He will NOT sub Vitor... I'll flip my shit if he does

Randy by giant wheel.

sovann, where do you buy your crack?


Randy by biceps crunch from the guard

I am a Randy fan and even I don't think he'll pull a sub out. But, it would be cool as hell if he did.

choke...neck crank..

if vitor taps it will be due to strikes from the mount