Randy Couture from Oregon? Nah..

Anyone know why they announce Randy being from Oregon? He doesn't, I live in Washington state and he lives on my cousins street and know each other pretty well, and I am also aware that they announce him fighting out of Gresham,Or. Anyone know why this is?


i heard he was born in washington as well, but he trains out of gresham, so i think thats where it comes from

He was born in Washington but trains out of Gresham Oregon.

During the last couple of Randy's fights, they listed some town in Washington on the graphic.

It confused me, because I thought he lived near Gresham.

Gresham is about 10 minutes fron the Washimgton border.

Yeah, Gresham is about 10 mins from the border, but Randy lives a lot further away than 10 mins from Gresham, he lives in the Seattle area, which is a good 100 miles North from the Oregon border, this is what's been puzzling me... people say he trains in Oregon, but he comes to a resturant up in Washington about a good three days a week, and which like I said, is a good 100 miles up from Oregon, I doubt he drives all that distance every day to go train, but I really have no clue, what does everyone think of this?


It's a conspiracy against you. Randy obviously has something to hide from you. Maybe he is afraid of you?

Randy told me he lives in Clackamas Oregon. He told me this about a month and a half ago. He was born in Everet Washington though. Gerald

i cant believe it, he's been lying to us all these years... next thing you know were going to find out hes not even American

Randy does not live in Seattle, that would be a three hr trip every day, a bit for.

Randy is actually an Arab mole. He wants to get in deep before betraying the American people.

His jigue is up, U8Dust is on to him.

Randy "the Armenian Assassin" Couture

, I live in Washington state and he lives on my cousins street and know each other pretty well"

Let me guess, back in the day your cousin also won UFC 3 too, right?

i heard he doesnt even know greco... they were gonna call him a pitfighter but they already used that for tank

Sovan, a friend of mine knows Randy pretty well also, he also comes into a resturant in Washington a few days a week. It appears to me that you believe I'm making this up, am I right? Sorry if I'm wrong, but why would I make this up and make a poll about it?
Anyhow, ask a stupid question and I guess I'll ge a stupid answer.

Maybe Randy is doing some training up at AMC with Hume and Barnett in Kirkland Washington .

he was born in Everett... so what? that is a fucking 3.5 hour drive to portland minimum. he lives in oregon yo. if what you say was true (which it isn't) he would spend 7-8 hours a day in a car just to get to practice and back...

I heard Kamala isn't really from Uganda.

I think your friend is confused. Randy doesn't live in Washington...