Randy Couture picks Rampage!

Here are The Natural Picks from the Fight Network.

- Lebens
- Jardine
- Salaverry
- Parisyan
- Jackson

Record to Date: 35-15

Randy picking Rampage for the win does enough to nullify the All-Access curse, so it does put Rampage back in this from a superstition point of view...

But Chuck will still win.

I agree with all of Randy's picks except for Jackson. I think Chuck can take this one.

Randy was right about Gonzaga.

Did he give any detail into why he gives Jackson the upper hand in this one?

Maybe Randy thinks Page will keep the pressure on into the later rounds and out cardio Chuck for the win...

"Did he give any detail into why he gives Jackson the upper hand in this one?"

No, just his picks. He was away on location somewhere.

Randy also picked Babalu in his last fight against Chuck.

"Randy is no god"

I'll pretend you didn't say that........

Randy might be right.

If anybody can give Chuck fits, It's Rampage.


-Rampage beating Chuck puts him on TOP of the world

-If Rampage wins his Chedder count goes off the charts

-All the Wet Bush he gets from being King... PRICELESS

You gotta give the motivational edge to Rampage.

GREAT fight either way.

This will move the money line. When Captain America speaks the diseased Gamblers listen. Runs to nearest pawn shop

A friend of mine already put money on Rampage. Can't wait for tonight. Go Chuck.

Randy can break down fights like no one esle. Gotta agree with Randy on these, however, I hope he is wrong about leban winning.

I saw an affliction shirt in Berlin yesterday, and when I'm drunk, I usually make a Couture comment, but they already hate me enough over here.

Im not sold jackson is the same guy mentally that beat Chuck the first time.

Randy does make the best calls. But he also predicted that he was gonna get in Chuck's face...ah...and beat him up.

I ate some crow after his C Cop defeat prediction but I think he's off on Rampage. If he's right, he's either a genius or should buy a lottery ticket.

I'm not sure if he predicts who's gonna win or if he DECIDES. He is an MMA god afterall.

^^^ well said! ^^^^

"randy picked himself in his last two fights against chuck. lol"

When is the last time someone picked themselves to lose?

Randy's first three were wrong...