Randy Couture talks fighting Brandon Vera

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                                Randy Couture talks fighting Brandon Vera  

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we all know Randy is a master when it comes to a good game plan ... and we have all seen Brandon get picked apart by lesser aponents despite how skilled he is? IMO I think we ill see a lot of Randy's clasic slams and ground and pound in this fight with a win going to the Old dog ....not to sell Brandon short he will get his licks in ther just not enuf to win

For some reason I'm thinking Vera takes it.

Vera by KO.

Haven't watched the clip yet...

I'm guessing "interesting challenges" and "good game plan". 

I am actually more excited about kerry vera / kim couture than I am about this fight

 ^ really?  I think Brandon vs Randy is a better match up compare to Kerry vs Kim. 

I think it's Vera's time.

3rd Round TKO.

That said you just can't rule out Randy pulling it out again.....

 If Randy that fough Nog shows up Randy will take it.  Vera didn't look all that great in his last fight.  Of course on leg kick to the head and could be lights out for Randy.  Nog was able to rock Randy a few times just couldn't KO him.  If Randy gets Vera to the ground it could be all over for him. 

 Randy should win the fight, but Vera has the power to put him away at any point with 1 shot...so I would not bet on this fight if it is anywhere near even

who is randy couture?

almost everything seems to stack up against Randy at this point.


he's cutting to 205 for the first time in awhile and he's gotten a lot older.

his chin and reflexes seem to have decreased noticeably, and his boxing defense has never been all that great

and the style matchup is rough.  a taller, more technical kickboxer with a respectable Greco background.  plus Vera's a Lloyd Irvin brown and Randy looked like a 1st day white belt against Minotauro.

i see Vera using his footwork to circle and stay off the cage, and outpoint Randy by slipping punches and landing counters.  straight punches and leg kicks all night.

Vera by  2nd round TKO.