Randy explains his decision

i think it all has to do with how you define being paid

I'm sure the bottom line is that Randy is making more than almost anyone else. Maybe that's including appearances or TUF or the free car or whatever, but I'm sure that's true in some way or other

Randy probably "knows" he's not by some other measurement, like someone else got a bigger signing bonus or someone else is guaranteed more, or made more with fight of the night or KO of the night bonuses, or because they fought more times in a a year than he did, or whatever. I know Hughes was more active than Randy, for instance

that's the kind of bullshit that you get into sometimes. I wish if Randy wasn't happy that he could have said so in person instead of resigning in a letter. Probably whatever his issue is could have been resolved if he'd taken a different approach to it

I'm a huge Couture fan and will miss watching him fight. I've always thought he represented everything that was good about MMA.

That said, I hate to throw this out there...does anyone think this has anything to do with the UFC's new policy on steroid use?

"That said, I hate to throw this out there...does anyone think this has anything to do with the UFC's new policy on steroid use?"

i hadn't thought about it but i'm sure you're not the only one who will mention it

And I hated to mention it, but these days you just never know.

Haney said that Couture "is very excited to embark on a promising career in acting" and that "he's currently shooting a lead role in Universal's 'The Scorpion King – The Rise of the Akkadian' in South Africa and has more offers on the table.

Do ya think the "offers on the table" because he's a great actor or the UFC Champ?

"Well, coming from a business backround I can tell you that the UFC is only intreested in their own bottom line, not the bottom line of the fighters."

of course. And Randy is only interested in his bottom line. that's why you compromise and come to an agreement you can both live with

oooh shit son!

"so Randy wants a different contract in terms of what he allows them, but he wants more money then everyone else, and instead of spending the next 9 months defending a title, he'll spend it doing not much of anything
this sport makes me so sick sometimes"

If you're implying that randy is just being greedy, you're being really narrow minded for several reasons:

  1. he specifically says that the amount that others are getting paid is insulting in comparison to how much he does for the UFC. it says nothing about how he needs to be paid more than anybody else. you made that up yourself.

  2. if you're thinking this sport is full of greedy bastards, please, take a look at every single other professional sport and how much fighters get paid in comparison, and you tell me if he's being greedy.

  3. he specifically says it's about disrespect, and not being able to fight fedor. it's not about the money, and it seems like he's trying to make that pretty clear.


"the UFC's phantom -$teroid policy is not de$igned to dimini$h its most marketable actor$. steroid$ SAVED the ufc, they are about as interested in removing them from the $port as PRO bodybuilding and the NFL and MLB."

Point well taken.

Wow, wow, wow. I gotta say I applaud Randy. I know what it's like to get dicked around by an employer. Fact of the matter is that Randy Couture is the single most popular fighter in all of MMA in the U.S. right now. Bar none. People like Chuck, but there is no one that is loved or respected more by both fighters and fans than Randy Couture.

Randy knows this, and when he sees the kind of money that these other guys are making, he has every right to demand more. I know the UFC will come back and offer Randy the money he asked for, I know this because my previous employer did it to me. On the day I resigned all of the sudden, they could "match" what every my new job was offering me, even though for months they claimed that business was bad and they couldn't give me a raise while everyone new that was hired was making more than me. I hope like me, Randy tells the UFC they can shove it up their ass.

Couture took a page out of Joker's book.

"To bad certain people don't understand the meaning of take care of the people who take care of you!"

I am confused, especially about not getting the respect from the UFC. He is the face of the entire company

on bubbas show on sirius they alluded to the fact that randy really pushed the ufc to sign fedor. he fel slighted when fedor's management was her for almost two weeks and the ufc did not get a deal. hw also said he did not feel respected by the ufc. i'm not sure what that means.

LOL @ the UFC's business ethic!

what we're all forgeting is, randy already retired!! He only has a couple of fights left and he wants to get PAID like he should. I think we all know that Zuffa is making HUGE bank off of randy and they aren't compensating him anywhere near what they could. He's basically giving everything to them and they're fucking him.

I applaud Randy, it's about time. I seriously think this is the turning point for MMA. Fighters will begin to stand up to the UFC and if the UFC doesnt really pay them (IE, like BOXING) then I'd be willing to bet that this "new investor" at M-1 will be happy too.

I'd be willing to bet that Randy has been sick of getting dicked on by Dana and Zuffa but hasnt had any real options. NOW he's got the fight that he wants and the pay and the respect that he wants at this new organization. So he can finally give a big fuck you to Dana White and company. I'd bet my house that he's already been in talks with M-1 and he's got a dollar amount and a tentative date for the Fedor fight.


Booo f-ing hooo.

Even more respect for Randy after reading this and even less respect for Dana and the UFC - two things I didn't think were possible before.

This is not the way Randy was supposed to end his career. Both sides look bad.