Randy looked HUGE

Was it the camera angle or has randy gained a ton of weight? He looked HUGE next to Joe after the CC VS Gonzaga fight. What's he weigh now?

Everyone watching at my house noticed this immediately as well, looked like he had no neck, almost Uncle Fester-ish in the suit.

It looks like he's bulking up big time

Yeah he did!!!

First thing I thought when I saw him as well.

I'm sure it was a well-tailored expensive suit. Still, he looked jacked-up bigtime.

I noticed that too.That can't be a good idea!

Yes he did.

Yeah the guy looked like he was weighing 250ish! Man I hope he does well against Gabe Gonzaga!

def not a weird camera angle, I was there and from where i was sitting I could see randy in his seat and when he stood up for the ovation he got, i was thinkin the same thing.he looked massive.

omg pic for those of us who missed it!

You are all going to hell.


He looked like a cement wall. I was like "holy shit, he's huge!" :)

Well, he is the heavy weight champion of the world, dammit!

maybe he's trying to bulk up, in hopes of defending that heavyweight belt for quite a while.... he's always been a bit light for the heavyweight division. hopefully it won't affect his speed though.

ttt for the Heavyweight Champ

I think he gained some weight, couldnt fit into his suit, and borrowed that jacket from butterbean.

I think it's because of the suit. Guys with very muscular body's tend to look much bigger in suits because of their body structure. Suits don't sit well in their bodys. Even GSP and he's a welterweight.

Screenshot: http://s2.simpload.com/0422462ba585bdc8e.jpg


Look at Goldberg's physique in comparison and he's just an announcer.

yeah, hes on meatballs, look what it did for serra.

I thought the same thing. He looked like a tank in the suit.

^ Crikey!

And it looks solid as opposed to Lindland who looked fat.