Randy= Rocky Balboa again..

Rocky vs Drago

Randy vs Meathead

I would have said Tommy Gunn.

moar liek Rocky vs that bum Spider Rico, amirite

my prediction...pain...

"thats because your retarded"

Right because he's not the young up and coming wrestler from the same country, with a larger frame and bad attitude.

Yeah Randy has been the underdog once or twice...But people are acting like its been that way for every fight hes ever had..So many people have been on his nuts for the past 2 years...A reality check is set to take place on saturday..

 People shouldn´t forget how many battles Randy fought. He fought with a broken arm. He got his orbital bone broken he knows what pain and exhaustion is.

Look at his first fight with Vitor. Vitor was killing and overrunning everyone but Randy pulled him in a battle and beat him. 

I think that´s the same with Lesner, he is strong and young but he didn´t fought so many battles and may got scared and frustrated when the exhaustion and pain comes.

There's only one counterpart to Rocky Balboa in MMA today - and that's Sugar Rashad Evans!