Randy Same Suit? ...

Dudes. I love Randy, but did anyone watch the ultimate fighter this week? When Randy said that Penn v. Pulver was his first experience commentating, they showed a clip of him, and I think he was wearing that suit that nobody liked. Anyone else notice?

Wow.  Just wow.

Are you gay or something?  You're really paying that much attention to another man's clothing?

You felt that it was necessary to start a thread about that? Put your helmet back on and get off the computer.

he is gay

There are several bottles of household cleanser under your sink... please drink them all.

I was busy looking at his tits.

"put your helmet back on"


This thread is good for the sport!

"No sorry I was busy looking at his shoes."

Funniest thing I have ever read!HAHAHHAAHAHA!!!

The gay is strong in this one. I haven't felt such a disturbance since....

There is nothing gay about looking at someone else's clothing. It's called style. Some people have it, some people wear tapout beanies and have tribal tattoos.

Lately it seems that Randy has been following Joe's lead with the expensive sweaters and jewellry. Good move, imo. Let Mike Goldberg look like the schmuck.

that's who Cleopatra is right?

Here's a random stab in the dark, but I'm willing to bet that Randy has more than one grey suit. His last name is not Couture for nothin'.

Queer Eye for the MMA Guy

WTF is this place coming to?