Randy vs Mir

Seems like a good matchup if Randy beat Nog, and i think he will. Mir has already talked shiz since he fought Brock the second time and im sure randy would like to get another crack at the champ. Mir vs Randy makes sense for a title shot. Randy would prob beat mir in similar fashion as Brock did with gnp gnp. A Randy/Brock rematch would be agood fight for randy to retire on, regardless of how it went.

Nog looked slow even before then. When we were discussing Mir-Nog originally on here I said Mir should look to clip Nog. His twin brother seems to have decent reflexes still so it's probably not age but I don't know if the staph infection explanation will fly when he looks slow in his next fight as well.

I guess it could have been the staph. but ya he just couldnt move out of the way of mirs punches fast enough. lets not forget tim sylvia and herring almost handled him, until he did what nog does