Randy vs. Nog???

 IF this fight occurs in the future....how many honestly pick couture?

Not I.

 randy's overall mentality/personality seems to have changed so much over the past couple of years. he doesn't seem to have such the "nice guy" image that he once had. i'm curious to see how this changes the support he receives from the audience.

Not me.

I like Randy, he's an amazing fighter but Nog is more amazing! I pick Nog!

Never doubt Randy...

but Nog is my favorite fighter, so WAR NOG

i'll give randy a much better chance against Nog than Lesnar, but yea I'd still pick Nog.


Randy by top position.

Nog all day.


It could go either way, both are great fighters. Im a huge fan of both of them.

Randy beat Big Tim easier IMO than Nog did.
Even though Nog submitted him. Not that it matters but its a good comparison. Both fought him somewhat recently.

Nog is good on the feet but does not have KO power. RC is good on the feet but again not a big KO threat.

Standing would be about even IMO, the clinch and dirty boxxing would favor RC but would give NOg a better chance at takedown.

NOG better submissions.
RC better takedowns/takedown defense
RC has improved hi Ground game big time, and did very well against Gonzaga.

IMO it could go either way, 50/50 IMO.

One of Randy's problems is that the fight would be five rounds.

Nog has never been finished.  I'm not saying it's impossible, but there isn't really any good reason to think that Randy would be the first one to do it.  Randy would need to somehow survive five rounds without being submitted, which doesn't really seem like a great bet.