Rani Yahya set now available


thanks man I can't wait for this DVD - TTT for some clips I'm pretty sure in another thread it was said he'd try to get some up soon

Edit: Is it shipping already?

I've been checking all weeks since Jim said something would be put out this week. I was expecting it to be Galvao but this will hold me over until that one comes out. I ordered mine this morning. Can't wait to check it out.

There's nothing about what the DVD covers. I thought there was a thread on this forum about it, but I can't find that either.

Yea, clips, or chapter breakdown would be great. I mean, i'll get the set regardless, but it would be a great thing to have.

TTT for more details...

just want everyone to know i ordered my set and messed up the shipping address and emailed them and they got back to me in like 10 minutes and changed it nice customer service

How did you email them Qiksilver? I tried emailing them at the postmaster@otane.com address and got a mailer daemon return email saying the email was invalid.


Thank you sir

Damnit, there is no Paypal option available when ordering this set!

Ordered, has anyone gotten their DVD yet?

Very interested in this, how about a short review?

I got mine yesterday. Pretty good stuff on it. At the price it is a great buy.

AlliancePA - I got mine yesterday. Pretty good stuff on it. At the price it is a great buy.

Im still anxiously waiting for my copy.

Yeah, I paid for the quick ship, I ordered it Friday and got it yesterday. It's a curse living on the east coast.

What does it cover?



What does it cover?

Received my copy this morning, excellent service as usual, less than a week from US to UK.

All techniques are done in sequences:

- hip sweep sequence
- closed guard combination
- butterfly guard sequence
- sit up guard sequence
- arm drag
- half guard sequence.

Some of the techniques will be familiar, others I haven't seen before. I was expecting more submissions but really there is only a guillotine and a heel hook so it's very much focussed on sweeping your opponent.

Rani's instruction is very good and his English is excellent.

Overall I would recommend this DVD and consider it a worthwhile addition to the market given that the majority of sweep material currently available is aimed at gi rather then no-gi training.

Detailed Review please? Thanks.