Rani Yahya vs. Joe Soto

Up next... I got Yahya 

Pulling for Soto on this one

I got Soto

yaya has such goos subs, hes always interesting to watch

you guys remember when I think it was Mir kept calling Yahya "Yanni Haha" on WEC? That cracked me up




Soto may have gotten the finish with more time left in the round there, let's see if he can keep the momentum going

rnd 2 Soto.


This fucking fight man! 

so much blood

Blood bath and the ref has a fat ass.

Bloodiest fight I've seen in a long time. Soto is a beast and deserves the nod, 29-28

Soto with a clear 2 rounds to 1


Did I just see Soto pump a couple of shots into Yaya at the end there ? 

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This fucking fight man!